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The Color Amethyst 

The Color Amethyst Although Amethyst is the birthstone for February, it is often desired among many other people. The reason is due to the gemstone’s beautiful color. Whether Amethyst is set by itself or in combination with another stone, such as diamonds, Amethyst can be very lovely. There’s a good chance that you may be wondering what the exact color of the gemstone is.

Generally, the color of Amethyst is a very pretty shade of medium violet purple. When it becomes heated, this gemstone turns yellow and this is how citrine, another type of gemstone, is created. Some people refer to citrine as a type of Amethyst, but yellow is not the industry standard color for Amethyst. It is purple, which is usually in the form of violet. It is possible, however, for the color of Amethyst to vary. It may be anything from a deep pink to a dark purple or a light purple. In some instances, it is even possible for Amethyst to appear a shade of magenta. Ideally, however, Amethyst is violet in color.

The reason that the exact shade of a specific Amethyst gemstone can vary in lightness or darkness is because it usually appears to be very transparent, as this is the type of quartz that it is. Depending on how prevalent this specific property is in every specific Amethyst stone, the gemstone may either look lighter or darker than it normally would. So, while it is common for an Amethyst gemstone to be a medium shade of violet purple, it is possible for it to appear either lighter or darker depending on how transparent the crystal looks.  

Throughout history, there were many elite people who favored Amethyst. The reason? Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, so it’s likely that the gemstone probably matched the attire that most of the elite people wore. Not only will Amethyst appeal to anyone who enjoys the color purple, but you will also be able to feel like royalty when you wear this gorgeous gemstone!


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