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Crystals in General

Crystals are one of the most precious things that can be found in nature. To many people, it seems a little bit mysterious that something so beautiful can be found in nature. What exactly are crystals? How are they formed? What are some of the most common types of crystals? Here, you will find the answers to some of the questions that you have always wondered about crystals.

Crystals in General
What are Crystals?

The first and foremost thing that you are probably wondering is what crystals are. Well, to put it shortly, they are sold substances which have repeating patterns of atoms or molecules that extend in three dimensions. The color of crystals are usually enhanced in a way that makes them appear to be transparent when different streams of light pass through them. Crystal optics is a science which studies the different effects on crystals.

How are crystals formed?

Crystals are formed from fluids or materials that have been dissolved into fluids through a method called crystallization. There are many factors which play a role in this process, but the way that it works is through a cooling process that needs to happen very quickly. If this process occurs too slowly, then the fluid may become frozen, but not in the form of a crystal.

What are some of the most common crystals?

There are a number of different types of crystals which are very popular. Amethysts are, of course, one of the most well known. Amber, Amazonite, Agate, and Angelite are all other types of crystals that are very pretty well known. Amethyst is the only of these crystals that is also a birthstone, however. Although diamonds are often referred to as a crystal, they are actually considered gems because they do not share many of the same characteristics of crystals, aside from the fact that they are also pretty.