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Amethyst Myth

Amethyst Myth

Amethyst is a gemstone that varies in color from dark pink to purple. It is the birthstone for the month of February, but is believed to be one of the most beautiful gemstones. In addition to being very gorgeous, Amethyst is also known to be surrounded by a few different myths. Perhaps this is what makes Amethyst such a desirable crystal gemstone. Due to all of the myths, there is so much mystery in regards to this gemstone.


In Amethyst history, ancient Greek civilization, which is known for first founding the gemstone, gave Amethyst its name. It roots from the word “Amethystus.” This word has the meaning of drunkenness. The reason that it was given this name is because the Greeks believed that the gemstone provided humans with protection from getting drunk. Drinking out of a cup that was designed with Amethysts or wearing the gemstone was believed to help people remain sober. Of course, it’s not recommend to try to drink as much as you can in order to see if Amethyst will prevent you from getting drunk!

The beautiful crystal was the favorite of many royal people, such as Catherine the Great of Russia. Since purple is a color that was often associated with royalty in the olden times, most of the monarchs wore purple on a regular basis. Amethyst is one of the only gemstones that actually matched the attire of the elite. The British Crown Jewels even include Amethyst.

One person who was known to be very fond of the crystal was the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra. She owned an Amethyst ring, which was believed to bring her two Roman lovers: Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar. Due to the good luck that Cleopatra had with both of these men, women throughout Rome began wearing Amethyst in hopes of keeping the men in their lives faithful to them. Today, there are still many women in Rome that feel that Amethyst will keep their husbands interested in them.

Amethyst is a very interesting crystal in many ways. The myths that have been passed on from generation to generation are one of the things that makes Amethyst more unique than anything else. If this is your birthstone, it is important to keep in mind that it is believed to offer calming effects, which may help balance out your personality and healing effects, which may prevent you from showing signs of aging.